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Glass fiber producersTai\u2019an City dehong co., LTD. Was established in composite material2014Years。The company is located in“Five mountains、The world**Mountain”As at the foot of mount tai,The founder of the Confucian culture in the south of Confucius hometown of qufu。From mount tai BoQianChang about2Km,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is superior。
The company mainly engaged in glass fiber chopped silk、On silk、SMCNon-alkali fiberglass chopped silk、BMCA short cut、Waste glass fiber、Glass fiber multi-axis cloth、Glass fiber winding yarn etc series products。Our company focuses onThe glass fiber processingProduction,Company product quality is stable,Wide varieties,Large inventories,Glass fibre supplyIn a timely manner,Is a complete、Scientific quality management system,Company is committed to professional production and processing。The company has always been adhering to the“Quality** The customer is supreme”The principle of。

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