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The company business scope:Automatic sliding door,Hard fast shutter,Industrial door to ascend,Electric shutter,Electric garage ,We are nanjing upgrading door manufacturing(Maintenance and repair)Suppliers。The company's philosophy:Adhering to the“Live with the customer、A total of development”Philosophy to provide clients with the whole、A full range of services。 The company's commitment:Provide free business consultation all the year round。Price concessions、CRD、Exactly on time。The company service tenet:For many years to win the majority of customers in the development of universal praise and trust, We always believe that consultation service is service,We cherish the human capital、Knowledge、Skills and creativity,We believe that our group...

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Professional to provide electric door factory_Electric door which good ascension,Update time:2019-01-05



Professional to provide electric door factory_Electric door which good ascension

Industrial door on safety operation press attention:1.Industrial door punch work must go through learning,To learn the structure of the equipment、Performance,Familiar with operating procedures industrial door fittings and obtain operating permits shall be independent operation。2.The proper use of equipment safety protection and control device,Shall not be any open。3.Check the transmission of the lathe、The connection、Lubrication and protection in areas such as the safety device is normal,Mold screw must be strong,Cannot be moved。4.The machine should be done before work idle running2-3Minutes,Check the foot brake control devices such as flexibility,Confirmed rear can normal use,Not to run in spite of illness。5.The mould important firm,On、Lower die for,Ensure correct location,Turn to move by hand machine tool try to rush(Empty),Make sure that work under bending machine is in good condition。6.Before driving to pay attention to lubrication,Remove all floating on the surface of the bed put items。7.Punch in moving or running coining,The operator to stand properly,Hands and head should keep a certain distance with punch,And pay attention to the punch movement time,It is forbidden to talk with others。8.Strike or allegations small workpieces,The application of specialized tools,May not be directly with the hand feeding or pick-up。9.When the strike or allegations usbam parts,Should establish system of safety supporting material or other security measures,In order to avoid digging。

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