Introduction to the enterprise

Company image Fujian province yong bearing co., LTD was built1971Years,1998Years of incremental assets restructuring,By the stream bearing in fujian province(Group)Co., LTD(On the market)Holdings,Is the machinery industry key enterprises in fujian province,Province high and new technology enterprise,Have to for rolling bearing research institute, led by Dr。The company“To fly home”(FJ)Bearing won“China's well-known brands”The title,The products are:The male、The imperial tapered roller bearings、Car wheel hub bearing unit、Cylindrical roller bearing、Forklift mast bearings、Deep groove ball bearings、AGBearings、Non-standard products,The varieties of specifications1000More than one,There isP0、 P6、P6X、P5Four precision grade。

Product display

  • Tapered roller bearings

    Tapered roller bearings

    Tapered roller bearing is for tapered roller roller rolling bearings to the heart。Mainly bear radial primarily diameter、The axial load。Bearing axial load capacity is mostly by the contact AngleαA decision;αThe greater the Angle,The higher the axial load capacity。This kind of separated type bearing is a bearing,According to the bearing the number of columns of the scroll body can be divided into single row、Double row and four row circular cone roller bearings。

  • Cylindrical roller bearing

    Cylindrical roller bearing

    Cylindrical roller bearing is for cylindrical roller roller rolling bearings to the heart。Mainly bear radial load,Inside、Outside all carry penal less can withstand axial load。NType andNUType axial movement,Can be used for free end bearing。Inner ring or outer ring can be separated,Easy to install and disassemble。Cylindrical roller bearing is widely used in cars、Rolling stock、Machine tool spindle、The motor、Rolling mill and engineering machinery。

  • Needle roller bearings

    Needle roller bearings

    Needle roller bearing is for needle roller bearings,The length of the needle and the ratio of the diameter greater than3,But the diameter less than or equal to zero5mm。 Its speed is higher,Can bear radial load,But unable to bear axial load, etc。Needle roller bearings are compact in radial structure,Particularly applicable to the limited size of the radial installation supporting structure,Widely used in machine tools、The motor、Metallurgical machine

Advanced equipment

  • Production equipment

    Production equipment

    The company has domestic and international advanced level of protective atmosphere heat treatment production line5The article,Ferrule grinding equipment275Taiwan,Can make the production line25The article,Roller grinding processing line6The article,Now have800All set/In bearing capacity。Import the lean production management,Continuous improvement,Pursuit of perfection。

    Nitrate quenching roller hearth furnace production line,The international advanced、Clean the environment。

    Domestic first-class CNC grinding automatic line,Meet the auto bearing low noise、Long

  • Testing equipment

    Testing equipment

    The company of tapered roller bearing test level belongs to the domestic advanced level,Some belong to the leading domestic level。

    (1)Benchmark test of a size,With GermanOPTONLength measuring instrument;

    (2)Model calibration,With GermanOPTONUniversal tool microscope;

    (3)Bearing parts after heat treatment microstructure examination,Using Japan OlympusGX51+DP12Metallographic microscope and digital camera;

  • Test instruments

    Test instruments

    LargeCAEThe finite element simulation analysis softwareANSYS

    Tapered roller bearing system optimization design

    Tapered roller bearings computer-aided collaborative design system

    Tapered roller bearing cage toolingCADDesign software

    ABLT-1A、ABLT-2Type bearing life improved testing machine

    LGM—15/45Type of auto-hub bearing simulation testing machine

    BGT-1AType of leaking sealed bearing