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  Bait co., LTD., established in meishan black cat2014Years,Is located in the hometown of su dongpo——Meishan city, sichuan province minjiang river,The company covers an area of4000Square meters,The construction area3000Square meters。The research and development of product of company is the collection of fish bait、Production、The sale is a body comprehensive enterprise。The company since ten people from the initial development50Many people,Fish bait daily output is up to800Pieces of or so,Products sold throughout the country,Widely popular among various DiaoYou。

  Since our company founded to follow“The good faith、Harmony、Professional dedication、Beyond”The management idea,Stick to it“Rapid response、Moved by the customer”The service idea,Adhering to the“A man without I have,I'm fine”The spirit of innovation。

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