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Not yet received before shipment,Won't cost you a dime!
Business is introduced:Professional to undertake all kinds of seals,Financial regulation,Chapter operations,Contract seal, etc,Provide a wide range of optional materials,Including rubber chapter,Photosensitive seal,Copper seal,Ox horn seals,Seal, etc,You name it
Way to trade:Support cod and pay treasure to guarantee deal,Can support a variety of way to trade
Delivery instructions:Promised delivery,The inspection payment
A refund:All seals,Not satisfied with heavy engraved for free,Don't satisfied with a refund
Contacts:Manager wang
The phone:‭13165312743‬

Important must-see
Recently many clients reflect from other companies to be cheated,To reiterate the fraud prevention guide:
Some businessmen is to seize the customer try so hard to use with the seal of psychology,Don't play the deposit first,Any form of payment first There are problems。(Even if the good seal photos give you seen merchants,Can't let you pay the deposit before trading)

At professional seals to guarantee to you:
Don't deposit、Procedures,Arrival of the goods inspection with payment。Don't keep leaked customer any information ,Delete all completed all data.

Transaction process:
Add WeChat(6171572)The content of the hair to make the seal or pattern,We do renderings to show you,Confirm no problem after we make the delivery,Can you receive the goods after the inspection receipt of payment to suppliers。 
Please consult24Hours onlineQQ ,In front of the not yet received goods,Won't cost you a dime
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