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Artisans packaging with company has been specialized in packing belt、PPPacking tape、Plastic packing belt、Fully automatic packaging tapes、Propylene packing tape、Tech pack,Adhesive tape,Baling press、Packing buckle, etc。Packaged with annual sales market share in the region65%The above。In the fierce market competition,I plant adhere to high quality packaging products,Ultra-low prices,Good service for the purpose。In the pack market has great influence in north China。  The road of development。  The company has large-scale production workshop and modern production equipment,The introduction of Germany full-automatic unmanned packaging production line equipment,Can be made5mm-19mmHigh speed automatic packaging tapes,And to establish a product development department,Testing center,To ensure the stability of the product quality。  Company general manager with the staff greet customers,Welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance,To discuss cooperation。In the coming days...[ To check the details ]

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Artisans packaging company
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