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  • Chang company——Certification list
    With professional knowledge in computer peripheral cable wire and cable,Excellent product quality,Made in the United StatesULThe power cordULProduct certification、CanadaCSAProduct certification andSGSThe company'sISO9001Quality system certification,HSPMQC080000Hazardous substances management system certification。Companies in the industry already has his own brand on the market,Is the domestic wire and cable lines...
  • Chang company——The concept of environmental protection
    Quality is the life of the enterprise!Green environmental protection,Everybody is responsible for,Banned substances,Everyone abide by it!To promote environmental protection,Take good care of the earth!Our cleaner production,By means of hazard sources to eradication,In order to obtain computer row line certificate for the process,To improve the constitution for the purpose,In order to protect the environment、To reduce risk to the mission! Responding to the requirements of the world environmental protection organization,Computer wiring, all products of the company...
  • Chang company——Rich life of employees
    Dongguan steady chang electronic products co., LTD. To provide free accommodation for employees,Each staff dormitory is capacious and bright,Have a separate shower room、The bathroom、The balcony, etc,Husband and wife have couples room for employees,And install the air conditioning in every dormitory,Let every employee live warmth、Comfortable。In order to enrich employees' spare life,Company efforts to improve the cultural and entertainment facilities,Has a playroom,CarlaOKHall,...
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