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Shandong hui new power supply equipment leasing co., LTD
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My company's generator inventory,Complete specifications
01.Reasonable price cheap rental。
  • Shandong hui new power supply equipment leasing co., LTD
  • Leasing experience for many years
  • Can according to the special requirements of users to provide professional model generator
  • At the right price to the user,Let the customer save time,And effort,Worry。
02.Enterprise strength
  • Site needs to provide special generator according to the customer's request
  • Strong strength of enterprises, To provide quality guarantee!
  • Clinton professional team,Generator quality is reasonable,The first-class quality,Reduce the manpower cost for the customer
03.Industry qualifications
  • Senior experience to provide professional technical guidance,Solve your problems in the process of production
  • Main generator rental in shandong area,Lease complete capacity generators
  • Lease by the quality of the productAThe level of high performance-price ratio
04.Perfect after-sale service system
  • Has a professional after-sales service technology team and the land around the country
  • The first time for you to solve the fault
  • Have a phone online technical support specialist24Hours phone online on standby at any time
  • Free to clients solve generator application technology difficult problem,Provide technical advice free of charge。
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Shandong hui new power supply equipment leasing co., LTD
Shandong hui new power supply equipment leasing co., LTD

Shandong hui new power supply equipment leasing co., LTD. Is specialized in diesel generator leasing and mute generator car rental business。Rental of diesel generating sets are made by my company to import diesel generator or joint venture diesel generator。Their characteristic is smaller、Stronger ability to resist load、Fuel consumption is lower、Better stability, etc。The specific specifications100KW―2000KW,Brand for daewoo 、Cummins、Volvo、Mitsubishi、Carter, etc,At any time to provide clients with different power self-provided power generation business unit,Adequate power supply。For the engineering construction、The enterprise peak、Fire and set aside、Is the first choice for short-term self-provided power generation。Urban and residential construction can provide new mute generator set。Our site installation、Debugging、Maintenance、Random generating units;According to customer needs24Hours to generate electricity。You have no electricity、Run out of electricity、Unstable power supply and emergency power outages,You only need a telephone call,We will according to your actual situation,From your point of view,To provide you with the best power solutions,For you to recover and the biggest save electricity costs。To solve the problem the original is so simple。Welcome calls!24Hours service hotline:15066665158 13706350233 ....

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