The proud kitchen food co., LTD is located in the ancient capital of anyang new east industrial concentration area,Company specializing in the production of custard powder、Needle chocolate and pepper products,Product is suitable for all kinds of food and baking food cooking process,The company has standardized production workshop with automated production equipment。
The proud innovation kitchen food co., LTD,With a strong research and development team constantly improve customer for the innovation of the product quality requirements,For customers to create unlimited business opportunities。
  • Custard pudding powder version super easyCollocation such as chocolate or condensed milk to eat more delicious food 1、The first7Milk with a spoon,3The spoon(Jn20g)Custard powder mix,And stir until dissolved;2、To add the rest of the milk sugar,Let the pot boil,Put the cheese batter mix is boiling the milk,At the same time, and quick stir until well blended;3、Load a mold or container...
Company flattery Security,Nutrition,Delicious,High quality、The raw material of health,Constant attention nutrition and quality of raw materials,
And everyone to share natural delicacy,And high quality food culture
Become the pronoun of safety and health food!Become consumers satisfied supplier
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